Professor L. Oganberry

Professor L. Oganberry is a former graduate of the Kitten Academy, having joined the faculty directly after showing great promise in the second session of 2015.  

"Logan" or "Logee", as he is informally referred to in the halls of Kitten Academy, specializes in the study of excessively cute noise-making. He is expected to direct courses in Advanced Meowing for our future kitten students, starting with the class of 2016. He is actively involved in various research projects in collaboration with Kitten Academy alumnus and current faculty member, Professor Ridi Culari

In his spare time, Professor L. Oganberry maintains his robust physique by playing fetch with his human colleagues at Kitten Academy. During the warmer months, he can be found at the Academy's Cat Run, monitoring squirrel and avian activity for one of his research projects.